Laughter is contagious – it can evoke giggling fits in those that hear it. it’s more infections than the common cold and easier to catch. It’s also been said that laughter is the best medicine- an antidote to stress and a cure for the blues. Yet, the very basics we know about laughter are just the tip of the iceberg.

Eating Right for the Holidays

During the holidays one of the many challenges is balancing your health between family and holiday obligations, not to mention stress eating.

Real Advice for Prenatal and Pregnancy Nutritional Care

As a pregnant mother, one faces endless decisions when it comes to food. Often, there are misconceptions about what to or not to eat while pregnant. In her book, Real Food for Pregnancy, Lily Nichols discusses the importance of eating real food. That is food that is derived from simple, holistic ingredients. Knowing what is healthy for both mother and baby will result in a healthier and more positive pregnancy.

School Smarts

It’s that time of year again: shopping for school clothes and school supplies, getting ready for after-school activities and making sure to have everything necessary to prepare good, healthy lunches. It can get a little overwhelming. Here are just a few recommendations for a great school year.

Healthy Poops

However, the truth is your body provides you a way to gauge how it’s functioning every day, if you know how to interpret the signs.

Honey and Bees

Honey can be floral, fruity, woody, nutty, earthy, smoky or spicy, depending upon its source of nectar. It can smell like an aged cheese or fresh as grass. It can look almost as clear as water or as thick and dark as molasses. No matter how it tastes, looks or smells, honey has amazing properties, and there’s so much that you probably don’t know about it and the little creatures that create it.

Swaddling for Newborns

The practice of swaddling was used for thousands of years and quite popular until the 1700’s when it was slowly abandoned as many cultures considered it to be old fashioned or barbaric. However, it has remained popular in Europe and there now appears to be a resurgence of the practice in North America, especially among those in the holistic movement. Every decision a new parent makes comes with some apprehension; this one should be a little easier with more information.

Tonics and Elixirs

For thousands of years, before even ancient Egypt and Rome were using them, it was understood that the Earth had provided us all we needed to improve our health. Whether it was a digestion problem, skin condition, energy issue, weakened immune system or just seasonal allergies, there was something that could be extracted, blended, or mixed from herbs, bark, flowers, etc. into a tonic or elixir to help relieve it – and it’s still true today.


There are some scents that we can all easily identify: freshly cut grass, a warm baby, or a new car. But, of those, only one of them is toxic.

Simply Smiling

It’s one of the first things that we want to see our babies do and it’s something that we look for as soon as we see a loved one or catch the eye of someone across the room. It’s the universal sign of friendliness and expresses feelings of happiness or delight. But there’s so much more to smiling than many realize.