Chiropractic care is safe and effective for the entire family. Dr. Elyssa is certified in pediatric chiropractic care and treats conditions for every member of the family, no matter the age. Each phase of life comes with its own set of symptoms and concerns. She can help you address these concerns every step of the way.

Newborns: Dr. Elyssa gets asked the question “Why would I need to bring my brand new baby to you?” daily. We tend to think of babies beginning their life they day they are born, but they spend 9 months inside of mom growing and developing. How were they positioned? Was there an arm up by their head during delivery? Do you notice your child constantly turning their head to the right or left? Do they strain to go to the bathroom with a bright red face?

From the first weeks of life, your new baby might be suffering from a wide array of conditions such as colic, abnormal sleeping patterns, acid reflux, difficulty latching, and/or ear infections. Dr. Elyssa utilizes age-appropriate chiropractic adjustments to allow your baby’s nervous system and spine to be corrected with minimal force.

Toddlers and Beyond: As your child grows the exploration that goes with it can lead to some bumps and bruises. Head trauma, falls from learning to walk, crawling into tables are just a few of the ways your child can injury his/her spine. As your child grows, pain can begin from sport injuries, carrying heavy backpacks, and slouching over phones, computers, and video games. Dr. Wright utilizes adjustments that are safe and effective based on the age of the patient to address any issues with how the nervous system is functioning.

Coughs and Colds: A common problem many people cope with is related to upper respiratory health. Dr. Wright utilizes a special technique to help with allergies, colds, sinus congestion, and more. The goal of this technique is to get the lymph moving so the body’s immune system can properly fight any infection, thus returning the body to a healthier state.

  • Adjustments: Dr. Wright takes a look at the areas of the spine that go particularly to the sinuses and the lungs and then makes sure the nerve isn’t irritated, ensuring that the immune system and support organs can function as best they can.

  • Lymph Pump/Sinus Drain: This technique drains the upper two quadrants of the body and gets all the “sludge” moving through the lymph into the blood. The body is then able to clean it up, fight it off, and get rid of any invaders.

  • Nutritional Support (as needed/if needed): Supplementation if needed helps to naturally boost the immune system causing it to fight harder against whatever is invading.
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