Meal Planning for Pregnancy

As women consider getting pregnant or already are pregnant they hear lots of bits of advice about what to do, how to raise their babies, what they might need. One piece that tends to not be as popularly discussed is the importance of nutrition in pregnancy. Every bite of food that we eat becomes part of our baby. Not everyone will agree on the best diet for pregnancy, but most health care professionals will agree on the basics: every pregnant woman needs folic acid, calcium, vitamin B and D3, protein and iron.

Posture Matters For the Whole Family

We all remember being told at some point during our lives to “stand up straight!” Whether it be a nagging parent or a friend who is trying to help you “look good” what does posture actually have to do with anything?

Posture is the position of the parts of the body in relation to the spine. It is not simply a matter of standing up straight. It is actually about the proper alignment of your spine to your body.

Tummy Time is Important

Each parent visits with their pediatrician to know the milestones that their child should be hitting. Whether it be following a sound, holding their head up, or rolling over. Tummy time is an important tool to use to help the proper development of their child’s brain and body.

Neck Pain Caused by Technology

As the Technological Revolution continues we are surrounded by more and more electronics in all aspects of our life. We use our cell phones as our alarm clocks, followed by watching TV while getting ready to go work on a computer. As more and more technology is available we are getting more and more focused on screens. Tech neck is the new name given to neck soreness from endlessly sitting in front of a computer, tablet, phone, etc. This pain is usually in the neck but can also be in the mid-back or even low back.

Toxins: The Hidden Chemicals Disrupting Your Families Health

We don’t often think about all the chemicals we interact with every day. The chemicals we inhale, that we clean our homes with, and that we lather our bodies with. More and more information is coming out on what these chemicals are doing to our health, families, and children. Did you know that there are 100s of environmental toxins that we are exposed to each and every day? It would take awhile to go through 100s of toxins, so today I’m going to focus on the big 2: BPA and Phthalates.

Neuro-Chiropractic Care 01: What are chiropractors adjusting?

It is pretty common knowledge that you go to a chiropractor to get your joints adjusted. What most people don’t know is how their chiropractor decides what joints to adjust and the effects it has on your body when you don’t adjust them at all!

Trouble with Breastfeeding?

Congratulations on your new baby! Each mom has certain expectations they have for what being a mom is, including their expectations with breastfeeding. Each family’s breastfeeding journey is different-some easy, some hard.

Waiting in Expectation

As Spring approaches, we wait in patient expectation for the flowers we planted in the Fall to push through and signal the warmer weather.